The Ergo Keyboard from Nicolas Tavlas

The Ergo Keyboard from Nicolas Tavlas

The keyboard conceived by Nicolas Tavlas has lot of potential to compete with other keyboards from large companies such as Microsoft or Logitech, and I believe that it is not impossible to see it soon in Wal-Mart stores sitting next to the other advanced keyboards.

The Ergo Keyboard from Nicolas Tavlas

Another important aspect that the designer took into consideration when projecting the Ergo Keyboard was the price.
In his view, a high-end keyboard must have a reasonable price, so the creator has to use the right materials to build it.
The conclusion is that to have the best chances to be released on the market, a keyboard must comply with the following three elements: user-friendliness, efficiency and ergonomics.

The Ergo Keyboard from Nicolas Tavlas

After long and thoroughly tests, Nicolas Tavlas has managed to create the perfect keyboard concept.
While typing, the user’s hand is kept in the most neutral position possible while maintaining a familiar layout, and the keys are inclined sideways by 25 degrees, reducing the twisting of the wrist, but maintaining the letters legibly.
The designer decided to remove the numerical keypad to reduce the cost and in the same time to permit the mouse to be closer to the keyboard, so the user will use it as a standard laptop keyboard.
Nicolas has also discovered inefficiency in the use of a classic QWERTY keyboard and has decided to make some important changes there too.
He realized that the right hand is moving between the mouse and keyboard while the left hand sits idle, so he moved several frequently used keys to the left side of the keyboard.

The Ergo Keyboard from Nicolas Tavlas

The user can now use the Enter key, type numbers, scroll pages and click the mouse in the same time.
He also replaced the Page Up/Down and Home/End keys with 4-way scroll wheels and placed them on both sides of the keyboard in order to allow their use by both hands.
Next, he replaced the Number and Caps Lock keys with switches to prevent their accidental use and in the same time to improve the feedback.
At the end, Nicolas used different colors and textures to make the user differentiate the groups of keys according to their function.

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5 Comment(s) on “The Ergo Keyboard from Nicolas Tavlas

  • Felix Purpor said on Jan 14 14 at 8:02 am:

    It looks like an inverted vagina. I don't think people are going to want to type on such a hideous looking thing.

  • Alpha said on Feb 14 14 at 12:38 pm:

    @Felix ... you need to get laid more often, coz you see everything with a slit to be a vagina ...

    stress on the wrists while using the keyboard is a very genuine problem that most people face ... this really seems to be a nice ergonomic design made to ensure user comfort ...

  • Olivier said on Mar 22 14 at 8:40 pm:


    quel est son prix, merci

  • Randy Jenkins said on Mar 20 16 at 7:54 pm:

    I would like to purchase this Key board

  • Jonathan Willis said on Jun 29 16 at 12:22 am:

    where can i buy one?