Levitating Racing Car

Levitating Racing Car
Meet Axon Razorback! This cool car introduced by Axon Racing Systems USA is more than a toy and it actually levitates while moving at high speeds in any controlled direction, reaching 25mph instantly, or up to 50mph with a motor upgrade.
It is made of highly durable materials such as lexan for the housing and polyethylene foam for the bottom, which makes it practically almost indestructible.
Axon Razorback uses Dual Brushless motors and moves over smooth surfaces like pavement, indoor tracks and even sand, being capable of jumping, drifting and racing like the most powerful racing car. In dark environments it maintains its power and uses cool lights.

To levitate, the Axon Razorback was designed with 2 high-powered ducted fans, one of them blowing against the ground, keeping the car above the surface, without spreading annoying dust around.
In September the amazing car, which is the world’s first Anti-Gravity Racer RC car, will be available at a price of $249.99, and you’ll be able to choose from 2 packages: Ready to Run and Receiver Ready. The Ready to Run comes with a 3-channel 2.4GHz surface radio as well as a 3-cell 1300mAh 25c Lipo Battery pack.

Other innovative technologies capable to levitate while moving includes the maglev train system based on magnetic levitation and propulsion, and the air-cushion vehicles that can move on smooth surfaces using a layer of high-pressure air ejected against the surface under.

Here you can see the anti-gravity racer RC vehicle in action or, if want to check also the high-resolution videos, enter on the Axon Racing Systems official website!

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