Most Popular Diggers Leave Digg for Mixx

Most Popular Diggers Leave Digg for Mixx

There were many rumors traveling over the Internet among bloggers, suggesting that Digg applies preferential treatment for specific users that link to specific websites or write about specific companies.
After these came at TechPin’s ear we realized immediately that it had actually happened to us too.
We were using our account on Digg to post the most interesting stories from TechPin daily, together with interesting news coming from other websites.

Most Popular Diggers Leave Digg for Mixx

It was very strange to see that every time I was reaching 50 diggs a group of users was starting to post bad comments like “Blog Spam” or “copied and pasted from here …link…(to another profile)”.
And it was stranger to see that others were having the same problem.
It’s clear that many blogs have been banned because of such comments.
So, it happened that several popular people on Digg to leave the website to find another heaven.

Most Popular Diggers Leave Digg for Mixx

There are many social bookmarking websites, similar to Digg, such as StumbleUpon,, Furl, and so on, but the one that caught the attention of the most popular diggers is
Same thing happened to the famous Greg Davis aka cGt2099, one of the top contributors on Digg, mentioned also in the Special Recognition section on Mixx.
“On Monday, October 29, I was permanently banned from Digg for posting a link that hit the front page. Since then, word has spread that I was banned, and felt the need to clear the air about a couple of issues that have been raised.
First and foremost, this is not the first time I had been banned from Digg. That much needs to be made very clear. I had been banned from the site 3 times previously; all for different reasons.” This is what Greg wrote on his blog. To read the rest of his story enter here.
He finally left Digg to make his place on Mixx and he really feels good there.
While we were discussing with Greg about this controversial subject that spreads through all the news over the Internet lately, he recommended TechPin to try it too because he says: “I found Mixx, and it is so much better than Digg”.
I think that this says all.
But what convinced us was the exploding number of new members during last week.
Besides that, Mixx knows how to attract the ex-diggers on its website and it created a special place in the forum, called Digg Refugges, dedicated “For those of you who have been a victim of the heavy hand of digg.”
Mixx is working non-stop to improve the website by adding new features every day, and announcing them on the blog.
The Facebook application, Customizable Mixx Buttons and the Mobile Mixx version for the iPhone are just a few of the last enhancements.
Those of you that have had similar bad experiences on Digg are welcome to pass by and leave a comment.

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