Coolest Cruise Ever

While many cities in U.S. are sweltering under more than 80 degrees of summer heat, some people are already looking for warm weather places in the middle of the coming winter. The Caribbean, Hawaii or Mexico are mainstays for winter vacations destinations, but there are some new candidates in the itineraries for cruises tops. Cruises around South America are very popular because of several cruise lines which offer a wide range of options, from one week long to one month long itineraries. There are trips which offer forays in Antarctica or in the mysterious Easter Island and even in the amazing Galapagos Islands.

Cities like Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires or Santiago became magnets for tourists with the multitude of cultural populations and touristic attractions. Even if you visit the Recoleta cemetery and you see Eva Peron's grave or a vineyard with soft Chilean wines, these are real adventures, and in South America you can find something for every type of person.


If Australia or New Zealand sound interesting for you, there is high season for cruising on that side of the world. There are four different cruise lines, like Holland America Line, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean feature cruises in those areas for 2009/10 winter. There are some cruises which include places like Tahiti, Fiji or many other South Pacific islands, and with new air (even low-cost) choices from the U.S., Australia becomes more affordable than ever. Good news would be that cruise lines, airline and tour companies have lowered prices to go with the worldwide recession. This means that the consumer has a lot ot win, and that many touristic services become more affordable for a wider range of potential consumers.


A special place on earth, where you can sample a huge variety of flavors, cultures and historical sites is the Mediterranean area. You can explore the region on cruises from Italy, France, Spain or Greece. Cruising the Mediterranean is like waking up each morning in a new world, with new and special landscapes. You can enjoy and relax the comfort of a floating resort with all meals and accommodations taken care of, with specific types of entertainment.The best season for Mediterranean cruises is from April till October, although there are ships sailing in the Mediterranean sea all year. A lot of cruises from Athens sail around the Greek Islands, and this is an awesome opportunity to enjoy natural beauty and cool nightlife.

There are more than one million passengers who take Barcelona cruises. The city offers great food, shopping and lively nightlife and all of these, along with the beautiful architecture make out of it a great port.


Luxury cruise lines offer departures from Monte Carlo, which is located between the Alps and the sea. The natural landscape is embellished by the yachts and finery of the French Riviera, here on the Cote d'Azur. From Civitavecchia depart the Rome cruises, and this place is one hour bus ride to the port, but the inconvenience is worth. A very special cruising experience is on Canale Grande in Venice. There are car-free streets, crossed by canals, and plenty of historical bridges. All these elements make this city a great place to explore by foot.

If you want to book a place on a cruise, you should consider more than the top line price when comparing offers. Some cruise deals include a lot of extra deals, and sometimes these extra stuff is amazing. Some of them, on the other hand, require you to pay large fees for food, drinks or activities. When you read the brochure be vigilant and take care of suspiciously cheap cruises. They might be cheap, but usually the extra things are very very expensive. It's very important to know when to book the cruise, because six months in advance or last minute there usually are great discounts, and you can book it at a very good price.


There are plenty of websites which offer you the possibility to book a place on a cruise ship, and I think that the most important and best organized one is , and if you need a room while staying around in one of the departure or arrival ports, you can check These are some websites which offer you a lot of options for cruises all over the world, and the second one is a professional bookings website which brings in on your desktop thousands of accommodation options.

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