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Text is also called written language and it is a writing system that represents language .  We learn how to write from the first grade at school. Through text we can communicate in another way. Though we instinctually learn how to speak, how to write must be taught. Text changes more often than spoken language . Diglossia is called the situation that is caused by divergent between spoken language and language.  Native writers and readers of English language  are not aware of the complexities of the spelling and its artificial construct .

Plain text is used in computing and refers to a readable text. ISO/IEC 646, ASCII AND EBCDIC are the encodes used. ASCII is replaced by Unicode which allows more important punctuation and symbols such as multiplication, mathematical relations. The plain text can be edited, open and read by edit (DOS), notepad (Windows), nano (Unix, Linux), Text Edit (Mac Os X) and Simple Text (Mac OS).It can be read by other programmes, too. Simple computer tool are used : cat (Unix), type (Windows and Dos) .


This cool text is a very popular method. ASCII used 8 bits for one letter, this wasn’t pleasant for the computer users , especially Swedish and  Portuguese which saw that just the ordinary Latin alphabet was allowed. Now, Unicode allows 1,114,112 code values that make even the most complicated process, correct.

Displayable characters are control characters and are used to interpret meanings. The notion of text appeared later than the notion of writing. At first, text wasn’t used to transmit messages but  was a method of transactions and accounting.


,,Text’’ is also used for film from the cinema studies. Free graphics generator can be found on Cool Text web page. This web page is the most popular till 1998 and has millions of free images , you just have to choose the one you like. Text logo designs are very popular and are self explanatory about the business’ nature. The logo as in in the company name and you can choose a relevant text that can touch about your business. In order to leave a print on the people’s minds, your text logo must be visual appealing .

A standard book or a manual of instruction is called at textbook. They now  can be found as electronic books or in scanned format. Ancient Greece was the first place were educational texts were written. Printing press makes possible the modern textbook. The growth of schooling made textbooks the primary teaching instrument. Mc Guffey Readers and New England Primer, were the two textbooks that had a historical significance. Houghton Mifflin, McGraw-Hill, Cengage Learning and Person Edication were published in January 2009 in United States of America.

The higher education of America is changing due to the technological advances. Students have more access to the digital materials  such as PDF books, video lectures and online tutoring. Textbooks are expensive products  because of the lack of competition on the marketv.


In this way, students are likely to use used textbooks which are cheaper. This books can be located through the internet .

While reading a text, a question comes in our minds ,,How can decide what a text means?’’ It is the speaker or the writer, it is the text itself or the reader? A text means what the author made it mean or what the reader understands from it? Let’s not forget the linguistic elements of the text: lexical relations, semantic roles, sentences and words .

Computational methods had developed through the years for sentiment analysis. They are interest to know what is the consumer’s opinion about different products. In the future we can expect to find implicitly and sentiment without a topic. Repetitions don’t look good in a text. Any kind of text will give us information which we will proceed an after that we will have an opinion of our own .


Information has an important role in our lives. We can find documents, recordings that all have something in common – text. Having access to a greater amount of information, children will learn quicker how to read and write from informational texts. This texts are recommended even from kindergarten. Children who read become more accomplished readers. Higher reading achievement  is seen by reading different genres not only stories .

This is a study that shows the recall and behaviour. A narrative text is given to readers of all ages and after they had to prepare for verbatim recall. As it was expected , many of the subjects recalled the important things not the unimportant. But the behaviour was different : adult would underline the text while children took notes .

We must have useful features in order to classify text documents. By using the text summarizing technique, we measure the importance of sentences and thus we notice that the important features lye in the important sentences .


A survey showed that 26.000 people , half of them being adult have problems in synthesizing and integrating information. To make text more readable, short sentences and familiar words are used .

Videos are another way of communicating but although we now have many TV channels, internet access text will always remain relevant and continuing  to live .

This quote reached out to me from the time I was only a child .


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