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A signature block is the appended text of the end of the e-mail. This text appears automatically at the bottom of the e-mail and consists  some information of the one who sent the message. The information includes the person’s name, phone, e-mail or even web sites. The McQuary guideline informs us that a signature block shouldn’t be longer than four lines and should be a plain text, not HTML .

Many internal policies require the corporations to have e-mail signatures. In Germany , companies have to specify the company’s name, place and number of registration. On the other hand, on internet forums the rules are not so strict. A signature can be a simple one or even images are allowed. Signatures are seen as a personal touch for the ones that create them . You can see how your e-mail signature looks like, if you send a message to yourself . If your e-mail package doesn’t send signatures automatically , you can write a text message in a file and you can manually copy and paste it in each mail you send .


Here are some positive and negative aspects of GMail: it has a good text editor to create e-mail but you cannot add HTML signatures with images. While Hotmail, Yahoo and Outlook have this option available. GMail has standard features such as font size, colours, hyperlinks, bullets but you cannot add other HTML tags . With GMail you can upload photos but it will look like an attachment.

I will show you how to embed in GMail,  HTML signature with images: you start by creating, in an notepad, a HTML signature with all kinds of tags. Then you just have to copy it to your GMail window.

Few people realize the potential of an e-mail signature. Every time you send a message you have the chance to share something . You can use funny or wise sayings to make your e-mail stand out amid the clutter. If you add the signature in the right way, you will surely be appreciated, noticed and remembered .   Signatures are very flexible. You can create different signatures for different people. In this case your boss won’t receive the same signature you sent your lover .


If you look on the web you will find programs such as Email Generator programs which create basic image email signature badge that can be used on Yahoo, GMail and Hotmail. It is beneficial for you to have a custom email signature in this online world !

This is how you can create a signature with logos and pictures. On the Tolls menu from Outlook, you have to click Options and then Mail Format Tab. In the Compose this message format, under Message format, click the format that you want to use. Click New on the Signatures, type a name in the Enter a name for your new signature, then choose how to create your signature, click next and advanced edit. A dialog box will open saying that a new editor will open, then you click yes. You can now insert your signature into the message .

Because you never know where your e-mail will land, you must enter a signature and a salutation in every email. The hardest part of writing is getting started. This is available for me too. I always stay in front of the computer and it seems like the blank screen intimidates me. I realize now that most of the emails start with a cliché , so why shouldn’t I do that too. Long sentences are too boring, we have to write short sentences and underline or bold what it is important .


The e-mail correspondence is truly important in our days. It saves time, it is very convenient and has really changed our communication. Unfortunately e-mail aren’t secure , it can be read not by the people it was intended to and this can cause devastating consequences .

Cool e-mail signatures vary from company to company or from one person to another. Because of the legal requirements , contact and identification information is mandatory for an e-mail. You can add footers right at the end of the message or below the text. You can have several footers and separate conditions for them are created. Several footers can be sent in the same message, for example a general company disclaimer and your personal signature .


You don’t have to be an IT specialist to create HTML footers. Placeholders creates unified signatures in terms of format and style,  for employees .With the help of testing tools and reviewing you will not get confused and will let you see what the final message will look like .


The signature block is often overlooked part in an e-mail. We have to realize that it has an important role by providing pertinent information. The first rule is to make sure we include our e-mail address in the e-mail, although it can seem silly. You have to make your signature aesthetically pleasant so try to avoid small fonts or extra large ones and also avoid multiple colours. Don’t forget to keep t simple and elegant! Cool  e-mail signatures are useful because people can reach you more quickly. We also have to be careful not to put too many information about us, leaving the other person think that he/she didn’t wanted to know so many thinks about us .

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