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The Continental Supersports is the ultimate Bentley: the fastest and most powerful Bentley ever produced. It is a supercar with two seats, that provides the owner high performance and a extremely focused driving experience. The Supersports is able of running on petrol (gasoline) and biofuel (this being a first in Bentley’s history), revolutionizing the use of FlexFuel technology in the luxury sector. This is a step that the company considers necessary taking in order to make its whole model range compatible with renewable fuels by 2012.

The Continental Supersports is purchasable worldwide since autumn 2009, and it will be FlexFuel compatible in the greater part of markets from launch with North American cars. The Continental Supersports started as a somehow secret project, Bentley testing the possibilities of weight reduction on the Continental GT but with more power and torque. This project lasted about 24 months, when it finally came to an end, presenting a new car program, designed by a small group of passionate Bentley engineers.


The Supersports sets new performance standards for Bentley: 630PS (621 bhp) and new 'Quickshift' transmission that halves shift times, acceleration from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds) onto a top speed of 204 mph (329 km/h). The performance of this supercar is completed by some improvements of the chassis, including retuned steering and suspension, utilizing lighter weight components, retuned dampers and anti-roll bars. The Supersports’ quickness is further sharpened by the 40:60 rear-biased torque split for the all-wheel drive system, a wider rear track, bespoke lightweight 20-inch alloy wheels and a unique electronic stability program.


Here are some technical specifications about the 2009 Bentley Continental Supersports Coupé:

Type: Production Car
Released at: 2009 Geneva Motor Show
Built at: Crewe, England
Engine: W12
Position: Front Longitudinal
Aspiration: Twin Turbocharged
Block material: Aluminum
Valvetrain: Chain Driven DOHC, 4 Valves per Cyl
Displacement: 5998 cc / 366.02 in³
Bore: 84 mm / 3.3 in
Stroke: 90.2 mm / 3.6 in
Compression: 9.0:1
Power: 463.1 kw / 621 bhp @ 6000 rpm
Specific output: 103.53 bhp per litre
Torque: 800 nm / 590.0 ft lbs @ 1700 rpm
Body / frame: Steel Monocoque
Driven wheels: AWD w/40/60 Rear Bias Torque Split
Front tires: 275/35x20 Pirelli P-Zero UHP
Rear tires: 275/35x20 Pirelli P-Zero UHP
Front brakes: Cross Drilled Ceramic Discs
Rear brakes: Cross Drilled Ceramic Discs
Front wheels: F 50.8 x 24.1 cm / 20 x 9.5 in
Rear wheels: R 50.8 x 24.1 cm / 20 x 9.5 in
Steering: Rack & Pinion w/Speed Sensitive Power Assist
F suspension: Double Wishbones w/Air Suspension, Anti-Roll Bar, Continuous Dampers
R suspension: Multi-Link w/Air Suspension, Anti-Roll Bar, Continuous Dampers
Wheelbase: 2745 mm / 108.1 in
Front track: 1623 mm / 63.9 in
Rear track: 1657 mm / 65.2 in
Length: 4804 mm / 189.1 in
Width: 1945 mm / 76.6 in
Height: 1380 mm / 54.3 in
Transmission: ZF 6-speed 'Quickshift' automatic
Gear ratios: 4.172:1, 2.340:1, 1.521:1, 1.143:1, 0.867:1, 0.691:1
Final drive: 3.528:1
Top speed: ~328.24 kph / 204 mph
0 - 60 mph: ~3.7 seconds
0 - 100 mph: ~8.9 seconds
Fuel econ epa: 14 L/100 km or 17.3 mpg-us
City fuel econ epa: 20 L/100 km or 20 mpg-us
Hwy fuel econ epa: 10 L/100 km or 10 mpg-us
Fuel capacity: 90 liters or 23.76 gal

The Coolest Car Ever

Ferrari's Gran Turismo is inspired by Formula One technology, and it already benefits from over fifty years of Ferrari success. Enzo is named in honor of the companies' founder, and it is one of a limited series of road cars including the 288GTO, F40 and F50. These cars are the proof that Ferrari follows its faith of producing the most exclusive and technologically advanced road car. Enzo’s goal was to bridge the gap that has ever been between everyday road cars and race cars. In order to achieve this goal, many improvements have been made in the production technology of the brand.

Enzo was built in Maranello, and tested around Fiorano by both Michael Schumacher and Dario Benuzzi. Inside the company, the project was known as the FX, and it has cost Ferrari 20 million euros to develop. The initial production number was set to 350 Enzos, but 400 were built in red, yellow or black, or a custom color if the customer's relationship with the firm was strong enough. The extra fifty cars brought in $28.8 million USD (24.4 million euros) for Ferrari, with each car being sold at a $554 00 USD (487,700 EU) profit, Ferrari proving this way that they can not only sell half million dollar cars, but they can yield a considerable profit margin from them too.



Here are some technical specifications about Ferrari Enzo:

Type: Production Car
Production years: 2002 - 2005
Released at: 2002 Paris Motor Show
Built at: Maranello, Italy
Coachbuilder: Pininfarina
Production: 399
Price: $ $ 670,000
Engine: 65 Degree, Type F140 Aluminum V12
Position: Mid Longitudinal
Aspiration: Natural
Valvetrain: DOHC, 4 Valves per Cyl w/Continuously Variable Timing


Fuel feed: Bosch Motronic ME7 Sequential Electronic Injection
Displacement: 5988 cc / 365.4 in³
Bore: 92 mm / 3.62 in
Stroke: 75.2 mm / 2.96 in
Compression: 11.2:1
Power: 492.2 kw / 660.0 bhp @ 7800 rpm
Specific output: 110.22 bhp per liter
Bhp/weight: 481.75 bhp per tone
Torque: 657.57 nm / 485 ft lbs @ 5500 rpm
Redline: 8200
Body / frame: Carbon Fiber Body over Carbon Fiber Tub w/Rear Alloy Sub Frame
Driven wheels: RWD w/TCS
Front tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Scuderia 245/35ZR19
Rear tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Scuderia345/35ZR19
Front brakes: Brembro CCM (Carbon-Ceramic) Discs w/6-Pot Calipers, Power Assist ABS
Rear brakes: Brembro CCM (Carbon-Cer?amic) Discs w/4-Pot Calipers, Power Assist, ABS
Front wheels: F 48.3 x 22.9 cm / 19.0 x 9.0 in
Rear wheels: R 48.3 x 33.0 cm / 19.0 x 13.0 in
Steering: Rack & Pinion w/Power Assist
F suspension: Double Wishbones w/Push-Rod Actuated Coil-Shock Units, Adaptive Dampers, Electronic Shock Absorbers, Anti-Roll bar
R suspension: Double Wishbones w/Push-Rod Actuated Coil-Shock Units, Adaptive Dampers, Electronic Shock Absorbers, Anti-Roll bar
Weight: 1370 kg / 3020 lbs
Wheelbase: 2650 mm / 104.3 in
Front track: 1660 mm / 65.4 in
Rear track: 1650 mm / 65.0 in
Length: 4702 mm / 185.1 in
Width: 2035 mm / 80.1 in
Height: 1147 mm / 45.2 in
Transmission: 6-Speed Semi-Automatic w/Electrohydraulic Acuation, 215mm Twin-P
Gear ratios: 3.15:1, 2.18:1, 1.57:1, 1.19:1, 0.94:1, 0.76:1
Top speed: ~350 kph / 217.5 mph
0 - 60 mph: ~3.4 seconds
0 - 100 mph: ~6.5 seconds
0 - 1/4 mile: ~11.3 seconds
City fuel econ epa: 19.60 L/100 km or 12 mpg-us
Hwy fuel econ epa: 13.07 L/100 km or 18 mpg-us

The Coolest Car Ever

Shelby SuperCars' Ultimate Aero has received a number of refinements for the 2009 model year, after holding the "World’s Fastest Production Car" title for the year of 2008. The SSC engineering team equipped the 2009 Ultimate Aero with a 15% boost in horsepower, a revamped front fascia design, and a range of significant interior upgrades. A SSC-designed, 1-piece billet aluminum engine block is the most significant change for this model. SSC is able to boost the power output to 1287 horsepower while improving durability, thanks to the new block improves structural integrity and oiling capabilities.

Thanks to the more powerful new engine, the '09 Ultimate Aero will be able to reach world-record speeds of 270 MPH. SSC asked the American company Aeromotive to create a faultless system, in order to accommodate the '09 Ultimate Aero's unique fuel system requirements. Carbon fiber louvers on the side intakes draw in an additional 20% of air into the radiators for improved cooling. The '09 Ultimate Aero also features the AeroBrakeTM, a rear spoiler system that deploys under braking circumstances. The rear spoilers are finished in carbon fiber, and actuate up an additional 8" when the brake pedal is depressed. The speed of the spoiler actuation is set by the amount of brake pedal pressure. If you want to disable the entire AeroBrakeTM, you only have to push of a button, in cases such as town driving or situations where braking and downforce assistance are not necessary.


The new center console features a built-in digital temperature control unit and tire pressure monitor togheter with an Azentek PC base Infotainment unit. The ground-breaking Azentek unit provides all the abilities of a PC and processes SSC's onboard diagnostic software.


Here are some technical specifications about SSC Ultimate Aero:

Type: Production Car
Built at: West Richland, WA, USA
Price: $ $ 740,000
Engine: SSC Designed V8
Position: Mid, Longitudinal
Aspiration: Twin Turbo
Block material: Billet Aluminum
Fuel feed: Sequential, Multi-Port Fuel Injection
Displacement: 6345 cc / 387.2 in³
Bore: 104.8 mm / 4.125 in
Stroke: 91.9 mm / 3.620 in
Compression: 8.975:1
Power: 959.7 kw / 1287 bhp @ 6075 rpm
Specific output: 202.84 bhp per litre
Bhp/weight: 1030.42 bhp per tonne
Torque: 1507.7 nm / 1112 ft lbs @ 6150 rpm
Redline: 7200
Body / frame: Carbon Fiber & Composite over Steel Space Frame
Driven wheels: RWD
Wheel type: Forged 3-Piece Alloy
Front tires: 235 35 (YR) 19 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2
Rear tires: 335 30 (YR) 20 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2
Front brakes: Slotted & Ventilated Discs w/8-Piston Calipers
Rear brakes: Slotted & Ventilated Discs w.6-Piston Calipers
Front wheels: F 48.3 x 24.1 cm / 19 x 9.5 in
Rear wheels: R 50.8 x 33.0 cm / 20 x 13 in
Steering: Rack & Pinion w/Power Assist
F suspension: Unequal A-Arms w/Reservoir-Adjustable Penske Coil-Over Shocks, Cab Controlled Air Lift, Anti-Roll Bar
R suspension: Unequal A-Arms w/Reservoir-Adjustable Penske Coil-Over Shocks, Cab Controlled Air Lift, Anti-Roll Bar
Weight: 1249 kg / 2750 lbs
Weight: distro 42 % / 58 %
Wheelbase: 2672.1 mm / 105.2 in
Length: 4470.4 mm / 176.2 in
Width: 2100.6 mm / 82.7 in
Height: 1092.2 mm / 43 in
Transmission: 6-Speed
Gear ratios: 3.00:1, 2.15:1, 1.5:1, 1.1304:1, 0.8667:1, 0.6452:1
Final drive: 3.4444:1
Top speed: ~434.43 kph / 270 mph
0 - 60 mph: ~2.78 seconds
0 - 1/4 mile: ~9.9 seconds
Drag: 0.357 Cd

The Coolest Car Ever

The Pagani Zonda F is among the fastest supercars ever built. Zonda F was released in 2005, at Geneva Auto Show. Due to Pagani's long-time experience in carbon fiber construction, the Zonda F is considered the leader concerning fit and finish. Pagani Automobili is an independent supercar manufacturer, one of few, which has the intention, and which made it possible with the production of this super sports car, to challenge more reputable competition such as Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Juan Manuel Fangio discussed with Horacio Pagani, and influenced him, on every aspect of the Zonda, until the outset of the Zonda project was finished. Thus, it is obvious that Pagani's latest work pays tribute to the late Fangio, a world champion five times over. Zonda F is lighter, more powerful and faster than the Pagani cars built before. It borrows the modifications made to the C12-S Monza and refines them into a more attractive package.


Aerodynamics has an important role in the shape of Zonda's new car. The new Zonda F features a one-piece fixed wing which now receives undisturbed air thanks to relocated mirrors. A larger front splitter and rear diffuser with twin stabilizing wings create even more downforce, helping airflow underneath. There is a much larger air intake at Zonda F’s front, which increases cooling effectiveness of the more potent V12 engine. A new induction system is used for giving Zonda F more power. This system replaces the standard Mercedes-Benz unit. It features larger intake apertures and, when combined with a larger, hydroformed exhaust, the 7.3 liter Mercedes-Benz engine reaches 620 bhp.

The chassis has also received some upgrades which lighten both the overall and unsprung weight of the Zonda. In combination with the titanium wheel nuts, and diverse trimmings of the carbon fiber tub, the Zonda F weighs 1230 kgs without liquids.


Here are some technical specifications about Pagani Zonda F:

Type: Production Car
Released at: 2005 Geneva Motor Show
Built at: Italy
Production: 25
Price: $ $ 741,000
Engine: Mercedes Benz M180 V12 w/Pagani Intake, Exhaust, Management Systems
Position: Mid-Longitudinal
Aspiration: Natural
Valve train: DOHC, 4 Valves per Cyl
Displacement: 7291 cc / 444.9 in³
Bore: 91.5 mm / 3.6 in
Stroke: 92.4 mm / 3.64 in
Power: 480 kw / 643.7 bhp @ 6200 rpm
Specific output: 88.29 bhp per litre
Bhp/weight: 505.26 bhp per tonne
Torque: 1057.54 nm / 780 ft lbs @ 4000 rpm
Redline: 7000
Body / frame: Carbon Fiber Monocoque with Aluminum Sub-Frames, Carbon Fiber Roll Bar
Driven wheels: RWD w/Traction Control, Self Locking Differential
Front tires: 225/35x19 Michelin Pilot Sport 2
Rear tires: 335/30x20 Michelin Pilot Sport 2
Front brakes: Carbon-Ceramic Discs w/6-Pot Calipers, Hydraulic Assist, ABS
Rear brakes: Carbon-Ceramic Discs w/4-Pot Calipers, Hydraulic Assist, ABS
Steering: TRW Rack & Pinion w/Power Assist
F suspension: Alunimum Alloy A-Arms w/Pull-Rod Springs, Olhins Adjustable Dampers, Anti-Roll Bar
R suspension: Alunimum Alloy A-Arms w/Pull-Rod Springs, Olhins Adjustable Dampers, Anti-Roll Bar
Weight: 1274 kg / 2809 lbs
Wheelbase: 2730 mm / 107.5 in
Length: 4435 mm / 174.6 in
Width: 2055 mm / 80.9 in
Height: 1141 mm / 44.9 in
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual w/Twin Plate Clutch
Top speed: ~345.94 kph / 215 mph
0 - 100 kph: ~3.5 seconds

Cool Maths Games

Math is for al ages and if in the early ages everybody used to calculate and use black and white books, well nowadays things have changed. Even the math books look friendlier and the exercises are put in a funnier light so that can everybody understands. But not everybody is a math fun and because of that now there are some cool math games online that help both exercise calculations of fractions and still have fun. Math does not have to mean boredom and hard exercises but a fun way to entertain and keep your mind occupied and still running. So let’s see some of the coolest math games you can find on the internet even for kids and parents also, for all ages actually because you can never know too much.

Let’s start with the most popular educational site, Here you can put your memory on a test with different game types. Choose from strategies, skill, numbers, shapes/color, pictures, logic, memory, board or word games. This is not a special designed math game but as it has been declared an education website with even games for the little ones and quiz games along with jigsaw puzzles to keep your mind occupied. The next website is designed with games especially for kids,, has it all, practice and lessons, geometry, puzzles, fractions, decimals, multiplications. Now making your homework won’t look as hard after you learn some tips and practice in a funny cool way. This website makes math easy to learn and also help parents with explaining the basic exercises to their children. Another website is very suggestive as its name,, this website has the same interface as the other with very colorful and some animated characters. And below you can see a list with some other websites designed for other categories such as for students, also for students, It is a big community and a big website with all the categories wanted in a cool math game.


On you can find math games, word problems, logic puzzles, math videos and other multiplication games to entertain yourself while keeping your mind focused and in action. It is scientifically proven that always doing exercises, no matter is they are math or word or puzzles there are many chances you won’t get Alzheimer when you get older. It is very good to always train so you perceive better problems and have a practical thinking whenever needed. To continue with other cool math games, you can try and play Bunny Math, Addition Fishing, Add the Fruit, Simple Division, Fraction Mix Up, money farm and some others you will find there.


These cool math games found on these websites will convince your kids that studying is not boring and that you can still have fun doing it. And let’s face it, they spend hours on the computer playing all sort of games so why not show them some interactive games that will keep their mind working and when it is time to do their homework they will consider it easy and finish it in no time. And after that they will still have time to play whatever they like.

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